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What led to the fascination with beards

“Growing up as a young boy, I could not wait to get the first sprouts of hair on my chin so that I could prove to the world that I was a real man. When those first sprouts came I was nervous to cut them as I wanted everyone to notice what a man I had become. However, one day a friend told me that if I shaved those few hairs on my chin then the hair would grow back faster, thicker and with vengeance. I am not sure why I listened to him as he had no facial hair and when I did so it felt like a lifetime for the hair to grow back.”


Beard Care Product Review – My Shea Dream

Beard Care Product Review – My Shea Dream

Hi All, This is a beard care product review about My Shea Dream - Beard Dream Balm. It was given to me as a gift from my cousin who said I should try the product out. I was at an event when she gave it to me so I put it in my jacket pocket and told her I would try it...

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Beard Grooming Styles, what works for you?

Hi all, Everyone is different so finding the right beard to suit your face is very important. Some people have round-shaped faces, oval-shaped faces, triangle-shaped faces, and rectangular shaped faces. Everyone is completely different but please see below what...

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