I am going to share here what I believe are the 5 essentials needed for your beard grooming kit. They range from natural things like letting your beard grow in the first place to buying items to keep the shape of your beard and also to keep your beard healthy.

These are the things that work for me and I believe if you follow these steps then you too could also have a healthy full beard that you are proud of. However, essentially you have to find out what works best for you and what steps to take to have a long-lasting healthy beard.

Most important part of you beard grooming kit

The hardest part of every journey is the first step. There is a saying that says every long journey starts with a single step. This is the same for growing a beard. It won’t grow if you keep shaving it. It is best to choose a time when you do not mind looking what I would say is a bit rough for a few weeks or a few months depending on how quickly your beard grows. There will be times when the stubble itches and to be honest it will make you feel like a monster but you have to push through those times as there is light at the end of the tunnel.

After you get past that annoying stubble beard stage you will be at a point where you can then decide what you want to do with your beard. I would suggest overgrowing your beard so you have more to play with when it comes to trimming or shaping it. Let nature do its course and grow because it will be all be worth it in the long run. You will then be able to count yourself as part of the beard family.

This is the most important part of your beard grooming kit.

Find the style you like for your beard

Next step is to find the style of beard you want. Some people like it thick and some like it bushy, others like it thin at the level of stubble or just more than stubble. Some people like their beard covering most of their face and others like it not so wide. The point is everyone is an individual and only you will know how you want your beard to look.

There are many beard styles you are able to choose from and to be honest if you do a style which you don’t like, then you will always have the chance to correct it by cutting it off and starting all over again. It is important that you feel comfortable with the beard and it suits your face. People in the past have said I look like Idris Elba, so when I first starting growing my beard that is the look I was going for – specifically how he had his beard when he acted as Stringerbell in the Wire.

I have experimented with other beard styles just to see if anything else suited me. However, I soon realised that this is the style that suits me the most and what I feel the most comfortable with.

Manual or Automatic razor as part of your beard grooming kit

So you have successfully grown your beard, chosen your style and now you are ready for the next step. I always go to the barbers to get the initial cut as they are more precise and everybody loves a good grooming. For me it is essential that my beard is symmetrical because there is nothing more annoying for me then having an uneven beard.

I have used a manual razor a few times in my life and I have always burst out into shaving bumps which take ages to get rid off. I learn’t a long time ago that manual razors are not my friend and for that reason I point-blank refuse to use them.

My razor of choice is a babyliss automatic razor to keep it in shape when it starts to grow out after the initial barber trim. It is good to Clean the razor with alcohol first so that it is hygienically clean. I always reshape the beard every 2 days as a rule of thumb unless I make a mistake on my beard and have to grow it out a bit. The reason I reshape it every 2 days is that it is easier for me to keep the shape looking even on both sides of my face – this is if the barber did a good job in the first place 🙂 to allow me to follow the beard line.

It will be best for you to try both manual and automatic razors until you find what you are most comfortable in using. Then you will know what to add to your beard grooming kit.

How to groom your beard and keep it healthy

The hair on your beard should be treated with care so that it is kept healthy and can grow, In the shower My razor of choice is my normal shower gel also on my beard. I make sure I wash my beard every day because you never know what has got stuuck in your beard throughout the day. So giving it a nice clean every day will ensure that there is nothing untoward growing or festering in your beard.

When I come out the shower, I dry my beard and then groom it with Jamaica caster oil throughout my beard. The day I started using Jamaica caster oil I have noticed a difference in my beard. It now feels a lot softer but stronger at the same time. It also grows faster than it used to do. My razor of choice is Jamaican caster oil as it was suggested to me by a friend and to be honest the only other thing I have used is Shea butter which is pretty good as well but leaves bits in your beard if not rubbed into your beard thoroughly.

We all have different hair types and textures so I would suggest trying a range of products until you feel comfortable with what you are using. I would say it is vitally important to find something to use on your beard – some sort of moisturiser or oils or cream, and to wash it daily.

You are now ready to grow and/or take care of your beard with the right beard grooming kit

Hopefully the above will help you get the 5 essentials needed for your beard grooming kit in order to start your successful beard growth.

Remember stick with it through the itchy stubble times and in the end you will have the beard you want.

If you needed any more information or recommendations then please do not hesitate to contact me and I will be more than happy enough to help.

Thank you for reading.