Hi all,

For the last couple months I have not been 100 % happy with my beard and toiled with myself with the idea of cutting it. The reason being is that there was a slight gap between the hair on my cheek and my mustache that I wanted filled in. However, I could not grow the little bit in between as it would have left my beard uneven. It would have given the impression of a scruffy, rough type of beard. So even though I wanted to grow the little gap, I kept cutting it down when it grew to keep my beard looking sharp and clean.

I have shown a picture of how my beard looked like below with the gap (Please excuse my make shift blue arrow that points to the gap).

The little gap was on both sides of my face and I wanted it gone asap.

I had 2 options.

  • Let the gap grow and keep the beard even though it would look scruffy
  • Cut the beard down to at least a level 1 and start again

I spoke to my friends and they said it was fine, however it did not sit well with me and I had to fix it. They all told me I was being over dramatic but I knew the look I wanted and was going to go for.

After strolling through TikTok and seeing different types of beards I thought why not as it is only hair and it will grow back. TikTok is one of those apps that once you start scrolling, you will scroll and scroll till your hearts content looking at all different kinds of things.

It was not quite like the big chop compared to when people cut great lengths of the hair on their head, however it felt like a big chop for me. I knew I would look different for a few weeks and that I would hate it but it had to be done. Short time pain for long time gain is the motto that was going through my head.

The next question for me to answer was whether I would do it or should I let the barber do it. I decided that I would cut the beard myself to level 1 and then let it grow for a week or so for the barber then to be able to shape it up. There is a thing about going to the barbers with something that you have altered on your own face – it is like you have cheated on the barber without asking for permission to change your own hair.

Do any of you get that feeling? I get that feeling all the time.

I forgot to take a picture of what I looked like with the level 1 beard when I cut it, but to be honest it was awful. I looked like a little boy with greys in his beard. However, the motto short time pain for long time gain kept going through my head and I knew in a week I would be in the barber looking nearly back to normal. Not with a full fledged beard but with a stubble 1.5 beard for the barber to shape up.

The barber did a great job and the below video shows how it turned out in the end.

Be honest, can you spot the difference in the beard? Can you see the gap has now been filled?

I am over the moon and so happy with the new beard. I am not sure what took me so long, I should have just done it when I first thought about it.

The moral of the story is that you have a beard that grows full and quickly, then you should not be afraid to cut your beard and start again if there is a mistake or if you want to try something new – remember the motto – short time pain for long time gain.

Let me know if you have had to cut your beard and start again or if you feel the same about going to the barbers.

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Thank you,