Hi everyone, I hope you are keeping safe and well.

I am reviewing the facial wash I used which I actually borrowed from my cousin as he was staying at my house and left it here. I say borrow when in fact it is now a feature in my shower.

I do not usually use a facial wash, as I just use the shower gel I use to shower the rest of my body.

However, I decided to venture out and try this. My cousin says he bought it from amazon and paid £3.50 for the 150ml size. I just checked and as of today (29/12/2021) it is on sale for a price of £2.30.

The item which I have taken from the amazon website says it does the below:

  • Gentle cleansing prepares the way for moisturising and is essential for healthy and radiant skin
  • Tired skin will look revived as you gently rinse away make-up, dirt and pollution with refreshing facial wash gel
  • Pro-vitamin B5: Restores, softens and smoothes
  • Made of 100% soap free: Non drying, leaves skin soft and supple
  • pH balanced: Works in harmony with your skin

I used it a week ago and since I used it my skin has felt hydrated.

My routine went as below:

  1. I washed my face with warm water which as I understand opens your pores.
  2. I then applied the facial wash on my face.
  3. Put on my exfoliating gloves and began to start scrubbing my face to give it a good clean.
  4. I then washed the facial wash off using cold water (I personally like using cold water on my face once I have finished).

What do you think of facial wash routine? Do you use hot or cold water?

At first I did not feel any difference if I am honest. It just felt like I had exfoliated. However, after drying my face I realised that it was not as dry as it usually is after i exfoliate. It felt refreshed and revitalised.

There was no scent to the facial wash which is what I would have expected. I like a fresh smell but this was sort of scentless which I suppose is not necessarily a bad thing. I personally like a s nice smell which sits quite high when it comes to my hierarchy of my buying health and beauty products. What about you guys? Where does it sit with you?

The next day, I felt even better on my face after coming out the shower. It left my face feeling plump and soft rather than dry and tired which is what it usually feels like after having a shower.

I would give the product and overall 7/10. The reason why it is not higher is because I have nothing to compare it with as I do not usually use facial wash. Plus, I was disappointed there was not a fragrance smell with it.

I think I will use it in the future probably once or twice a week. I would not necessarily go overboard with it. How often do you exfoliate? Or use facial wash?

If you want to purchase it, then please click here.

If you have any questions, please comment below.

Thank you for your time.