Hi everyone, I thought I would make a post specifically on black men beard grooming products that I use daily.

1st step – Black Soap

My parents are originally from Ghana so I still have a large family there. I remember growing up as a kid using something called black soap to bathe sometimes but it was not as easy to use as a shower gel so I quickly made the change when I got older. When I traveled to Ghana, I kept hearing about black soap that was starting to gain popularity back in England but I was not really interested. However, on my last trip in April 2018, I decided to join the hype and buy some which came literally looking like a rock and I am unable to fully remember the price but I know it was really cheap.

3 key benefits of black soap for black men beard grooming products:

  • Cleanses the scalp – Black soap is known to help treat different scalp and skin conditions such as bumps, dandruff, and rashes. The soap is believed to contain Vitamin E and this is what aids in the healing and treatment causes mentioned previously
  • Increases healthy hair growth – Another benefit is that it will help your hair grow and not only grow but grow healthily. Using black soap will help increase blood circulation to your scalp and it is also a natural exfoliation product, It removes excess oils from your hair and skin without removing the natural essential oils needed
  • Anti-aging – There are antioxidants in black soap that when used will prolong your hair follicles and keep you looking younger for longer

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Shea Butter

I have been using a form of Shea butter ever since I was a kid, but this was not the natural unrefined product I now use. I was originally using a product called Palmer cocoa butter. However, just like my journey with black soap, I discovered Shea butter on one of earlier trips to Ghana as a cheaper, better for your skin alternative to Palmer Cocoa Butter. What struck me first about Shea Butter was how hard it was to moisturise into your skin. It would not naturally rub into your skin unless you’re forcing it in. Some people tend to mix it with another product by whisking it as if to say you were making a cake. Others add another product in it and leave it for a few days or months letting it marinate naturally.

I prefer to leave it natural and over time with room temperature, it is much more manageable to use.

3 key benefits of Shea butter for black men beard grooming products:

  • Treats damaged hair – If you have any split ends or damaged hair in your beard then using Shea butter is the key. It will help repair the damaged hair and keep it looking healthy.
  • Moisturisers dry skin – Under your beard, you have the skin on your face which also needs to be treated so that it is not dry and starts to flake. Moisturising the Shea butter deep into the beard so that it sinks into the skin is key so that if you ever decide to shave your beard then your skin will still have that glowing look.
  • Reduces razor irritation and bumps – This is one of my favourite benefits of Shea butter. I really do not like having razor bumps on my face so anything that helps to get rid of them then I am their biggest fan. If after my beard is shaped I noticed razor bumps then I rub a bit of Shea butter into them, and after a couple of days, it is like they were never there in the first place.

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Jamaican Castor Oil

My journey with Jamaican Castor oil is a bit different from finding out about Shea butter and black soap. I got to know about Jamaican castor oil from a good friend of mine. He has been growing his beard for maybe a bit longer than I have. One day after not seeing him for a while I noticed that his beard was thicker and glistening. I asked him what he had been using and he told me Jamaican Castor oil. So I did my research on the product and have not looked back since. I even bought a bottle for my cousin to use.

3 key benefits of Jamaican castor oil for black men beard grooming products

  • Promote hair growth – No matter what length we choose to have our beard at, it is important that the beard continues to grow so that if you get bored with the way it looks, you can always change up the style confidently
  • Prevents dry hair – Dry hair is a sign of unhealthy hair so if Jamaican castor oil can prevent dry hair then this will enable your beard to continue being healthy. It will naturally have your beard moisturised that will stop breaking of the hair etc.
  • Thickens hair – The thickening of the hair will help the beard to look good so that there are no gaps in the beard stopping that patchy look from appearing. The beard will look like an adult beard and not that you have just started puberty.

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Daily routine

I use black soap first whilst I am in the shower. I take time to make sure I rub it deep into the beard. I personally do not mix my black soap with anything but people are known to mix it with other vitamins etc.

After I come out of the shower, I dry my face then I cream my whole face including my beard with Shea butter. I ensure I rub the Shea butter deep into my beard. Again I do not add any extra ingredients into the Shea butter.

Last but not least, I use Jamaican castor oil to rub solely into my beard. This will give it a nice glisten. It will have your beard feeling fresh and healthy.


The above 3 are the only products I currently use on a daily basis for my beard. They all share the same benefits such as:

  • promotes hair growth
  • moisturisers hair
  • cleans hair

It is a daily routine that does not take long but all adds up to me having a fantastic beard that continues to grow healthily.

If you have any questions on black men’s beard grooming products, then please do not hesitate to contact me.