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Beard Watch!

I was watching the boxing last weekend with Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams. Did you watch it? It was an amazing watch with Chris Eubank Jr becoming the victor in Liam Williams hometown of Cardiff.

I had realised over the various interviews I had been watching that there was something different about Chris Eubank’s Jr hair and beard but to be honest I did not take too much notice. Then during an interview Liam Williams called Chris Eubank Jr out for having surgery on his hair and beard. That was the “Aha” moment that made me realise what I was seeing was Chris Eubank Jr had surgery on his hair and beard.

                   Old Picture                                                                                        Latest Picture


As you can see from the 2 above pictures the main difference now is that his beard is much fuller around the cheeks which he did not have before. I do not have a definite timeline but I think the pictures are approximately 8 – 10 years apart.

So what are my thoughts on men that go and have beard implants/operations? To be honest, I think people should do whatever makes them happy in this world. Who am I or anybody in this world in a position to tell anyone what they can or can not do? Not everyone is blessed with having a full beard and with beards being in fashion, it is no surprise to me that people are going to great lengths to get a beard.

What do you guys think about it? Is it something you have considered? Has anyone reading this had it done?

Fortunately for me I do not need to have a beard implant/operations. However, if I did not have a full beard would I consider a beard implant/operation? I do not know. I am not in a position to think about it, however I do have a friend that is considering it. If he goes through with it then I will ask if he can document it so we can see what the ins and outs are. For example, how long is the operation? Do you need to put special cream on it? Do you have to cover it when you sleep? How long does it take to grow? Where did the hair follicles come from to implant in his cheeks? All these are questions that I am curious about.

If you want me to do research and find out for you lot, then let me know.

I hope you enjoyed the post.

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