Hi All,

This is a beard care product review about My Shea Dream – Beard Dream Balm. It was given to me as a gift from my cousin who said I should try the product out. I was at an event when she gave it to me so I put it in my jacket pocket and told her I would try it when I got home. She then introduced me to the owner of the product who goes by the name of Makeda. She is a lovely lady and I commended her on what she was doing for the male grooming industry.


The first thing I noticed was that the product was in a metal container. The lid is black with the logo and also a description that the product is made in Ghana, and packaged in the UK. it also mentions that it is a “solution for beard and health growth. Contains Shea butter, coconut oil and caster oil”. Reading this allowed me to know that instantly the product is going to do wonders for my beard. The ingredients are all-natural ingredients that I have been saying are good for your beard hair growth and health. The blend of all the ingredients in one product is what everyone has been looking for. Instead of having to use 3 different products, being able to use just one is going to be cost and time efficient for everybody. The metal container shows the expense the manufacturer went to produce a quality product. No expense has been spared in producing this.

Vanilla scent

As I opened the metal container, I was hit by the beautiful vanilla smell oozing out. It is a beautiful warm, sensual smell that is powerful but not overwhelming which I absolutely love. Some medical experiments have even said the vanilla fragrance can actually reduce stress and anxiety. The smell also lingers with you throughout the day so anybody that comes close to your beard will be able to smell the sweet scent of vanilla.


The texture shocked me as it was so smooth. As I have mentioned in previous posts, Shea butter is usually quite hard and tough so it is not as easy to apply onto your beard. Sometimes you have to rub Shea butter several times into your beard or it leaves lumps of Shea butter in it. This, on the other hand, was smooth and easy to rub into my beard. It is the most amazing product I have used on my beard in terms of texture and use. It is not too hard, and not too soft – it has the perfect balance in terms of texture levels.

Product use

I use the product as advised on the website. I use it daily, once in the morning and once in the evening making it twice a day. In the morning, after I come out the shower I dry my beard and then rub the Shea butter smoothly into my beard. In the evening, after I come back from work I wash my face and then apply the Shea dream again. This allows the product to do its magic and provide the beard growth and health I require.

Where to get it from?

Even though I did not get it from the website, I have done some research and you are able to get the product from the below website:


Here you can find other scents as well such as the original scent, and there is an almond scent. The almond and vanilla products are priced at £10 which is a very good price in my opinion. The original scent is priced at £8.

There is a Twitter and Instagram page which can be accessed from the website.

The website accepts all major card retailers such as AMEX, Apple pay and Visa.

You are able to leave your email address to allow you to be able to stay up to date with offers, and new products, etc.


I highly recommend My Shea Dream – Beard Dream Balm product, as it is great to use with a beautiful vanilla. At the moment the vanilla scent is the only product I have used, however I look forward to buying the other products so that I can review them as well. I personally love the vanilla smell, but I am sure this is not for everyone so if vanilla is not for you then give the almond or original scent a go.

Thank you for your time in reading the above.

If you have any questions, then please do not hesitate to contact me.