Are Salt and Pepper Beards in fashion?

Hey Everyone,

How are you doing?

I have got to the stage where my beard is starting to look like Salt and Pepper.

I am at a Crossroads on whether or not I keep it looking like a salt and pepper mix or I dye it black to keep me looking young.







From the picture most of you will say that you can hardly notice the grey hairs. However, to me they are very obvious and I want them gone. Initially, I was plucking them out as they were only the odd one. However, now they have come back with vengeance and there is not a thing I can do about it. The first thing people say to me is that you have a lot of grey hair in your beard. This is not cool. I am sometime to be the cool kid, staying forever young.

I have decided to embrace the salt and pepper beard for NOW!. i will keep it and rock with it because I am unable to bring myself to buying black dye at my age and dying my beard. If I dye my beard then I am going to have to dye the hair on my head. That is a cycle that I am not prepared to add to my grooming regime. Just embrace it for now and roll with the grey hair beard jokes.

I still get told that I look younger than my age so that is the most important thing. If I get told that I look older than my age then I am going to have to reconsider dying my beard and hair black. However for now, I prefer not to leave black hair dye on my bed sheets. Also, if I am being honest I would not even know where to start as the only black hair dye product I know is “Just for men”. I only know this product because we use to make jokes about it when we were in secondary school.

To answer my own question, salt and pepper beards are not in fashion but as I now have it – They are now in fashion!

Have any of you dyed your hair? What hair products did you use? Did it work? How often did you have to keep on doing it? Would you recommend it?

Let me know what you think in the comments below?

Thank you for your time.

Anthony Tactics