Hi, welcome to my site about beard oiling. I have a beard and to be honest I did not even at first think I had to maintain my beard. I thought as it was on my face, then the face moisturiser use every morning was sufficient. However, after seeing my friends beard dramatically improve I asked how it happened and he said he had been using a product. In disbelief, I spat out “on your beard”? He replied “yes, on my beard because your beard is as important as the hair on your head”. That strike a chord in me so I have created this site as a place to learn about the best products to keep a beard fresh and healthy. It is a site where men can speak openly about what products are working for them, and also what products are not working for them. There will be posts from other users so that we can all share our knowledge and experiences because I believe that “knowledge is key” and there are “no bad experiences in life”.

What led to the fascination with beards

Growing up as a young boy, I could not wait to get the first sprouts of hair of my chin so that I could prove to the world that I was a real man. When those first sprouts came I was nervous to cut them as I wanted everyone to notice what a man I had become. However, one day a friend told me that if I shaved those few hairs on my chin then the hair would grow back faster, thicker and with vengeance. I am not sure why I listened to him as he had no facial hair and when I did so it felt like a lifetime for the hair to grow back. When I finally did start growing facial hair, it became annoying as I had to keep it tidy which I did not want to do in the morning. It was an extra thing I had to do in the morning which I did not have the time or patience for. So I literally just used to give it a shape up and that was it – no oil – no moisturiser – no cream – nada. Fast forward a few years and now I love my beard which I could never completely shave off again ever, even if my girlfriend asked me to do so for our wedding day – that would be a straight NO. The problem I found would be what are the best products to maintain a beard? What are the best oils? best moisturisers? best shavers? How can I maintain my beard to stay healthy and fresh?

Nothing wrong with using products on our beards

First of I want to start off by saying we need to keep our beards healthy and fresh. We need to maintain them just like we would with other parts of our body. For some of us, our beards are our last saving grace with having hair left on our facial/head area. We need to be able to source the right products that are solely for our beards that will help them grow, keep them fresh and healthy. As we all know everyone has different beards, different texture, different thickness, different colour, etc so choosing the right product is vital. So it is time to take care of your beard and use the right products that will do that for you.

Find the right product for your beard

The purpose of this website is to enable you to find the right product for your beard, so that you can prolong the life of your beard keeping it fresh and healthy. If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out. All the best, Anthony Tactics Founder of Beard Oiling https://mybeardgrooming.com/