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What led to the fascination with beards

“Growing up as a young boy, I could not wait to get the first sprouts of hair on my chin so that I could prove to the world that I was a real man. When those first sprouts came I was nervous to cut them as I wanted everyone to notice what a man I had become. However, one day a friend told me that if I shaved those few hairs on my chin then the hair would grow back faster, thicker and with vengeance. I am not sure why I listened to him as he had no facial hair and when I did so it felt like a lifetime for the hair to grow back.”


Are Salt and Pepper Beards in fashion?

Are Salt and Pepper Beards in fashion? Hey Everyone, How are you doing? I have got to the stage where my beard is starting to look like Salt and Pepper. I am at a Crossroads on whether or not I keep it looking like a salt and pepper mix or I dye it black to keep me...

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Beard Implants – Operation Beard Gang

Hi Everyone, Beard Watch! I was watching the boxing last weekend with Chris Eubank Jr vs Liam Williams. Did you watch it? It was an amazing watch with Chris Eubank Jr becoming the victor in Liam Williams hometown of Cardiff. I had realised over the various interviews...

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I listened to TikTok and shaved my beard 😉

I listened to TikTok and shaved my beard 😉

Hi all, For the last couple months I have not been 100 % happy with my beard and toiled with myself with the idea of cutting it. The reason being is that there was a slight gap between the hair on my cheek and my mustache that I wanted filled in. However, I could not...

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